Hello! I'm Kate Gabrielle, and I'm the girl behind Flapper Doodle!

Flapper Doodle was created in April 2009 when I first uploaded a quick little doodle, Flappers on a bike, to flickr. In May of 2009 I opened my etsy shop, and the drawings quickly evolved into the Eloise and Ramona characters that you see today! All of my drawings are done with traditional pen and ink, and scanned into my computer. Occasionally I add digital color or watercolor but they're mostly black and white.

Eloise and Ramona are twin sisters, and their names were borrowed from my favorite short story by JD Salinger, Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut. I'm also a big fan of the movie loosely based on the story, My Foolish Heart starring Dana Andrews and Susan Hayward.

Although most of my drawings are very minimalistic and cartoon-like, I'm currently trying out a more Gorey-esque style with intricate pen detail and decorative details. I'm really excited about it, and I hope to eventually re-do some of my old drawings in this new style!

When I'm not working on Flapper Doodle, I'm usually either eating (I really like food) playing with my adorable cats, Chloe, Hypatia and Hubble, or working on my other blog - Scathingly Brilliant.

ps. If you need a larger version of the above picture, click here.