Eloise and Ramona on etsy.

I had started putting Eloise and Ramona in my silentsandtalkies etsy store, but, like I did with the blogs, I decided silentsandtalkies and the flappers needed separate spaces. So Eloise and Ramona now have their own corner on etsy -- flapperdoodle.etsy.com. It would be neat if you'd take a look *especially* because I really like the banner I made for the store :D

Before I had started the move, though, they were on the etsy front page again! yay! This time it was Eloise and Ramona eating neapolitan ice cream. AGAIN I missed seeing the front page, so I have no picture! If anyone is an etsy addict and ever sees my art on the front page please take a screenshot for me!

Well... lots to do! I will hopefully have one or two Eloise & Ramona drawings uploaded tonight -- today was mainly set aside for boring computer work, like creating the etsy store & adding all of the drawings. Thanks to everyone from silentsandtalkies who came over here to the new blog! You're all too sweet :D