Friendly Blogger

John Hayes at Robert Frost's Banjo has given flapperdoodle the Friendly Blogger Award -- if anyone deserved this award, it was John. When I was floundering in a sea of debt after my laptop fell off the back of a chair last month, voicing my woes and financial anguish on my other blog, John swooped in with a purchase from my etsy shop. In addition, he has been incredibly kind and sweet as I've chugged along the last four months in the blogging world, welcoming me right from the start when my blog had only been around for a week or so. That he chose me as a friendly blogger is one of the best compliments ever.

For extra doses of friendly bloggingness, please visit the following blogs, whose writers will now be Friendly Blogger Award-winning blogs!

Millie at Classic Forever

Casey at Noir Girl

Thank you for all being such lovely, friendly ladies, and great blogging friends :D

ps. I'd like to give one to Raquelle at Out of the Past, too but she's said that she isn't a fan of blog awards --oh well,  she deserves this one anyway!  :)