Halloween Party Invitations!

Now that fall is here I'm ready for Halloween! I don't enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid, but it's still a fun holiday. I've never been big on candy, so what I looked forward to each October 31st was bringing home my loot and organizing it. All of the tootsie rolls together, all of the Snickers lined up in a row. Once I had it all perfectly arranged, my mom would take a picture and then I'd let everyone else eat the candy :)

Of course one of the most fun things about Halloween is the Halloween party! I threw one for my little brother a few years ago, and I pulled out all the stops! I made eyeball cupcakes, had a "guess how many maggots are in the jar" contest (rice grains mixed with gray food coloring-- gross!) and I made headstones out of clay (with the names of his guests etched into the stone!) as the placeholders. Then I cut off Barbie arms, glued them to the tablecloth and sprinkled coffee grounds around them to make them look like they were coming out of the grave in front of the headstones. It's hard to explain so here are the pictures:

It was pretty neat :) Anyway, the whole thing would have been even NEATER if I had some really nifty Halloween Party invitations to send...

Speaking of which-- I've just made and listed Halloween Party invitations in the shop! The invitation shows the flappers dressed up in their Halloween costumes as a pirate (note the little parrot and the hook) a jack-o-lantern, a vampire, a ghost and a witch. I'd have one dress up as a flapper, but, well...

They come in packs of 10, at $10 each.