The Flapper Doodle Mantra

I was just sitting around in my pj's today (flannel, unfortunately) drinking grapefruit juice-- no makeup, bare feet, with graphite and paint on my hands. I stopped what I was doing for a second and just though, wow-- I wish my life was more elegant. I wish I could actually have the kind of life that my flappers do -- bringing elegance to even the silliest activities. I mean, come on-- they play hopscotch in heels!

Well, you don't have to be a flapper, drink champagne or own a penthouse to have some elegance in your life. It can be as simple as choosing a satin robe instead of a cotton one- sparkling apple cider instead of apple juice-- watching Love Affair instead of The Simpsons. Indulging yourself every now and then in something extravagant- some chocolate covered strawberries or decadent chocolates.

Do you have a beautiful cocktail dress and nowhere to wear it? Wear it around the house. With heels. And listen to opera music. While drinking wine. (For the record, I think grapefruit juice is very ritzy.)

I'm not going to let my dull life get in the way of making myself elegant-- I'm bringing the elegance into my daily life and making the most of what I have!

The "Make Every Day Elegant" print is available in my flapper doodle shop-- and it is officially now the flapper doodle mantra! :D