The gocco printer debacle has finally come to an end.

I'm hoping to sell this on etsy because ebay fees KILL me and it always seems like I get the nasty buyers, too.... so anyway, I finally listed this on etsy tonight! Includes tons of goodies like ink and bulbs (yay!) and also a free Emma was Fascinated with the Great Gatsby gocco print (though, if you're desperate for that print you don't have to buy the whole gocco grab bag, I have the prints available separately in the shop)

To add to the gocco frustration, though, I finally price-checked to see what I should be listing this for & realized I was totally ripped off when I bought it on ebay earlier this year!! I paid $250 smackeroos and it sells on etsy for a little more than half that. WOWZERS!! I'm losing a bundle on this (especially since I special ordered the bulbs to get here for my last printing project that turned out to be a disaster. What a money pit!!) but I just need to be finished with goccoing for good!

Well if I haven't totally scared you away from printing (which I hope I haven't, because the things people print with these machines are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I just happen to be incompetent when it comes to art contraptions) it's available in my shop, here, for the reasonable (and dirt cheap compared to my rip-off on ebay) price of $165. CLICK HERE if you'd like to see it and possibly (please) take it off my hands. SOLD!

Now anyone who has followed my gocco debacle on this blog can rest assured that the words "gocco", "disaster" and "slowly going insane" will never appear in the same blog post again :)