When Printers Attack! (or: does anyone want a gocco or yudu machine?)

This is what my dreams have started looking like lately... it seems like every. single. day. I have some kind of issue with one of my printers. Usually it's the wide-scale inkjet that gives me the most grief but this week they all decided to gang up on me. The screen-printer wouldn't work, the normal ink-jet I use for invoices ran out of ink & then today my gocco gave up on me.

Well, I gave up on the gocco too. And the screenprinter. The ink-jets are still pretty necessary, so they stay. But if anyone is interested in a great-condition gocco printer with 8 bulbs TONS of ink, gocco screen cleaner and all the original paperwork in it's original box, please e-mail me. I'm totally serious, I want this thing out of my life, pronto. It's a B6 (4" x 6" printer) in light blue color with a small ink stain on the top that was there when I bought it.

Also up for grabs is a YuDu screenprinting machine, only used twice - it comes with a screen (it has emulsion on it, but that's easy to remove with emulsion remover) platen (that thing that you would put the shirt over to keep the ink from going onto the back) the squeege, the cord, instructions and the original box.

Both of my printers are in perfect condition, I'm just too incompetent to figure out how they work, apparently.

If you're interested, just e-mail me at kategabrielleart@yahoo.com