oodles of new stuff, new packaging and my cat

my cat Hypatia and the Eloise doll.. I thought this was pretty cute :)

new packaging for the magnetic paper doll set!! It's a little pocket-sleeve thing to keep the doll in when it's not on the fridge!

custom pendants, now available in my shop! $12 each, you can choose any design, but it's a good idea to choose ones that aren't too busy (since it's so tiny!) and would work well in the square shape.

new bookplate design! Thanks to Lulu for suggesting this illustration for bookplates :) I think I like it even better than my original design! available in my shop, 8 for $5, here.

flapper doodle postcard set! includes 5 cards, all with the Eloise and Ramona prepare for a night on the town illustration. I'm also offering custom sets, but since I order these instead of printing from home, there's an extra 3-5 day turnaround. available 5 for $5 in my shop here!

I'm having a pretty nice creative streak right now, and I have so many other ideas up my sleeve! I have an epic new product I'll be posting hopefully next week! :D