Boxed stationery sets

Exciting new products!! I've been working on these for a while, so I'm pretty thrilled about it! :) These boxed stationery sets come in six different themes, and each set comes with 15 5"x7" sheets of stationery paper, 10 matching envelopes, 10 matching note cards and 10 note card envelopes. Available for $20 per set, in my shop.

On a quick side note, does anyone know how to brighten photos in photoshop without washing out the color? I use natural sunlight, but my pictures always need to be brightened anyway, and the "brighten" function always fades the color. It's not usually a problem with my grayscale products, but almost all of the stationery sets got washed out. The par avion set is the only one that came out almost perfect. For instance, in the neapolitan ice cream set, you can't tell that the paper background is pink, brown and cream striped. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!! :)