Last chance to take advantage of the $1 print sale!

The $1 print sale ends tomorrow night, so don't miss your chance to get art prints for only one single dollar each! Here are the details again, in case you missed the first post:


Here's how it works -- go to my shop* and add as many 4x6 prints to your cart as you'd like, then use the coupon code DOLLARSALE11, and your prints will automatically be reduced to $1 each! Simple as pie!! Also, you can now use Amazon Payments as an alternative to PayPal at checkout!

The only hitch is that my coupon code can't distinguish what is in your cart, so if you added something that wasn't a 4x6 print, it would put that on sale too. If you want to add other things to your order, you can either place a separate order or add things to your cart and leave me a note requesting an invoice for the additional amount. I will not honor the discount on items that are not individual 4x6 prints (sets are not on sale).

The sale runs now through February 3rd. I'll be ordering the prints after the sale is over, so please be aware that all orders placed using the $1 coupon code will ship the week of February 7th.

An added bonus: tweet, blog or do anything to spread the word of the sale & I'll give you one extra print (of your choice!) with your order! Just leave me a note at checkout with a link to your post/tweet/whatever and let me know which print you'd like!

Ready? GO SHOP! :D

*this coupon is not applicable in my etsy shop.