new misprint assortment

Mistakes happen -- while I'm packing orders, I often print things upside down, print an item on the wrong type of paper or notice that my printer has run out of ink only AFTER I already printed a whole calendar or set of greeting cards. Rather than throw all of my misprints in the trash, I save them up until I have a giant bundle to offer on etsy. Most of the misprints are salvageable -- if I printed a calendar upside down, all of the images can still be framed! If I printed playing cards on normal copy paper instead of card stock, you can cut them out and frame them instead! Everything here still has some value -- there's even an entire planner that printed on the wrong size paper, with over 50 frameable images!

There are also extras and samples -- things that I printed just to take photos for my etsy listings, but didn't sell, or prints where I way over-estimated the demand and ended up with 20 or more prints that never sold. Everything I misprinted, and every extra I've made in the last year is in this listing!

It's available on etsy here. And here's what's in the bundle (and why it's included):

1.--- 21x 2009 Christmas cards (pre-printed custom inside greeting)
2.--- neapolitan stationery page (ink marks at the top)
3.--- 2x zelda and becky 8x8 telephone sets (ink was low)
4.--- 4 halloween party invites (inside printed upside down)
5.--- complete magnetic paper doll set (white has yellowed)
6.--- This book belongs to stickers (double printed)
7.--- 1 Halloween invitation (just an extra)
8.--- 2x eloise as holly golightly 4x6 prints (discolored)
9.--- 4 photo album covers (discolored)
10.--- 2011 february calendar image (back printed upside down
11.--- but the front is frameable)
12.--- set of party invites with blank insides
13.--- Wedding invitations and bridesmaid cards (samples)
14.--- un-assembled activity book (ink was low)
15.--- 11 recipe cards (ink marks)
16.--- assembled 2011 calendar (ink was low)
17.--- knitting gone awry 4x6 print (ink marks)
18.--- flapper band 4x6 print (ink marks)
19.--- Anniversary card (inside greeting upside down)
20.--- playing card images (printed on wrong paper)
21.--- 2011 Planner separation pages (extra)
22.--- 28x Eloise loves pelicans 4x6 prints (extras)
23.--- 6x eloise and ramona in the photobooth 2x8 prints (printed on wrong paper)
24.--- 2x sheet of playing card backs (ink was low)
25.--- cosmetic bag fabric (discolored)
26.--- 42x valentines (back printed upside down)
27.--- Ramona does the tango 4x6 print (extra)
28.--- crazy cat lady 4x6 print (extra)
29.--- Eloise and Ramona go goth 4x6 (extra)
30.--- 5x 2010 Christmas cards (color testing)
31.--- valentines day card (inside greeting only)
32.--- Eloise & Ramona pendant set (metal on right side is bent)
33.--- 2x unassembled mini 2011 calendars (extra)
34.--- 2x unstuffed Eloise mini plush dolls (extra)
35.--- unassembled 2011 Planner (wrong size paper -- about 50 frameable images!)
36.--- 3 pendant images (resin-covered, not attached to metal pendant)
37.--- 5x Eloise & Ramona 8x8 art print sets (ink was low, not trimmed to 8x8 yet)
38.--- 1x Eloise & Ramona 8x8 art print set (ink mark)
39.--- 1x right side of a Zelda and Becky print set (extra)
40.--- Eloise graduates 4x6 (extra)
41.--- December page from 2011 calendar (extra - image is frameable)
42.--- Night on the town 4x6 (extra)
43.--- 2x 2011/2012 two year planner covers (extra)
44.--- 1 complete set of 2009 Christmas cards (extra)
45.--- Stationery set envelopes & example letters (examples, and a few w/ink marks)
46.--- 2 sheets of photo booth business cards (low ink)