twenties treasures

I love this authentic 1920's dress! Flapper clothing that has survived to the modern day is usually pretty expensive, and this is no exception, at $428.00! Available from adorevintage on etsy.

A gorgeous bell-shaped cloche from the 1920's, with beautiful copper detailing. Click here to see more photos, including a close up of the copper bow on the side! Available from maudeandlola on etsy.

How adorable is this little kids book? It's from 1928 and the illustrations inside look so precious! Click through to see more photos :) A steal at $14, from mousetrapvintage on etsy.

This beauty is being sold as-is due to some minor damage, but honestly it's amazing that such a delicate piece has held up so well for almost 90 years! This would definitely be something to only pull out of the closet on the most special of occasions, but for only $68 it's totally worth it! Available from adelinesattic on etsy.

I love coming across vintage photos while perusing the 20's vintage online. Imagining up a backstory, trying to figure out who these people are and how their photo ended up for sale online, not tucked away in a family album. Available for $9 on etsy from lindavisa.