Meet Rosie!

I'm so happy to announce today that Flapper Doodle has expanded to include Rosie, who will be in charge of all social networking! I've always wanted Flapper Doodle to have an active social networking presence and now we will! Rosie will be handling the twitter account (@flapperdoodle) and facebook page. For starters this will include updates about new products, promotions, coupon codes, fun links and interaction with followers. But eventually we're hoping to start doing some contests and giveaways as well! :)

Rosie is exceptionally sweet and I couldn't think of a better person to be my first co-worker! You can hop over to twitter or facebook and say hello, or visit her blog here!

ps. As always (even when I was handling these accounts myself) I ask that you please direct any inquiries about orders or product information to my email or contact me directly on etsy.