new drawing!

I've been having a serious creative block lately. I have so many drawings and projects that I want to finish (I haven't even finished one single drawing for my 2014 calendar yet -- I erase everything I start!) but nothing is coming out the way I see it in my head. I just don't draw as often anymore. I used to draw daily and now I draw every few months. I hate that! Not only does it mean that I have less art in my shop, but whenever I pick up the pen and paper, I feel rusty.

Anyway, I decided to just put aside all of my to-do-list projects and draw for fun. No erasing or starting over, just work on a drawing until it's finished and that's that. And I really love what I came up with! I might do a couple more before attempting to tackle my big projects.. maybe the practice will help me feel a little more confident.

This drawing is based on a 1920's pictorial guide to dancing the Charleston. I call it "Eloise swept him off his feet" and the prints are available in my etsy shop here!