2014 at a glance calendar + a new font!

I'm so excited about this one! It's an at-a-glance calendar with all of 2014 on one single page, formatted to look like a (albeit misshapen) silent movie title card! Like I said after I posted my new Halloween banner, I'm ridiculously smitten with this idea of bringing more silent movie inspired details into Flapper Doodle.

I'm still working on my regular calendar (with a little over a week until Thanksgiving, ahh! I'm so behind this year!) but I'm determined to finish it up this week. In the mean time, there's this one as well as all of my previous designs updated with the dates for 2014, here.

I was originally going to hand-letter each month for the calendar separately, but after doing January and February and seeing how inconsistent my lettering was I decided to just draw the alphabet instead and make it into a font!

It's been almost 2 years since I last made a font so after I drew the alphabet and scanned it I was pretty lost. After hours of fiddling around I figured it all out again and wrote down all the steps so I can whip up fonts in a breeze from now on! I love making them so hopefully now that I've nailed the production process I can make a lot more :)

Silent Movie is available as a .ttf font (works for mac & pc!) in my etsy shop, here.