Eloise and Ramona, ballerinas

I drew this at my show in NYC this weekend,
and I couldn't picture Ramona's pose in my head,
but I knew exactly what I had in mind. So I did a 
small example of the pose for my brother, who 
then proceeded to hold the above pose for a few
minutes while I sketched this out.... on the street
in New York. He can really get on my nerves, but
embarrassing himself in public just so I could
draw this was very sweet.

On an etsy note, I have the mirror-making process
down pat now, and I've already made four mirrors!
As soon as I figure out the packaging, I'll be posting
them for sale on etsy! They will be $5 each, and 
although I have a few designs in mind that I'd like
to sell, I'll also have one custom option where you
can pick your own design from any of my drawings.