New exciting Eloise & Ramona themed products coming in the next two weeks!

I'm branching out a little with the flapper doodle artwork, into "not just prints and originals" territory! Starting this evening you can buy flapper doodle stationery sets, complete with 12 sheets of paper, 12 envelopes and (possibly, because I haven't quite figured out how yet) stickers & a pencil. I'm on a "people should start writing letters again" crusade, and speaking from experience, I think having a pen pal is one of the niftiest things ever. It's so nice to see an envelope in your mailbox that isn't from a bank, store or credit card company!

And starting next week I'll be offering flapper doodle pocket mirrors (ahh! so excited about this!) I think Eloise and Ramona are just MADE for gracing the front of a pocket mirror! :) I got a neat kit for making them (my dad actually used to own a really good professional kit for making buttons & mirrors, and donated it years ago... darn!) and I'm super enthusastic about it-- I'm going to spread out all the supplies on my floor, sit in the middle, put in a DVD and make mirrors galore!

I'll be posting pictures of the stationery sets later tonight (my brother has commandeered the family camera for the afternoon) and posting them on etsy this evening as well. They are going to be made to order, so you can pick out which designs you want if my standard ones don't tickle your fancy. 

Ah! I'm giddy with excitement :D