Eloise in technicolor!

Eloise frets about what to wear to Coney Island.

This is my first attempt at painting the flappers! I think I like it, though I know it's just a start... I have yet to figure out how much color I should add, if I should do all-out full color paintings, etc. But at least I can have fun with the outfits :) Sometimes b/w just doesn't work when I want to add detail to a dress. 

This is also my first foray into gouache, instead of acrylic! With acrylics, I can only paint on really sturdy surfaces like wood or canvas because it is so thick it can warp paper. Gouache on the other hand works fine on paper, which is great because I wanted a thin, smooth surface to paint on so that I could still do the details in marker (impossible on canvas, at least impossible for me!)

Most of my flappers will still be in black and white, but I like having this option when I want to add color.