ahhh! I'm at it again... make her stop! make her stop!!

I was looking on etsy this morning, and I saw so many great things I wanted to buy but, alas, can't afford... but some of the artists I was looking at deserved to have 20000000 sales and only had a few. So I decided to do ANOTHER blog (I know, I'm going to be doing this full time pretty soon!) 

This one is going to be just for me to feature artists I love. I spent about eight hours designing it tonight, so I hope you'll just swing by and take a look at my handy work. Plus, I picked my first artist to feature, Gintare Bruzas, an etsy seller who does fantastic watercolor paintings of 1920's ladies. 

The blog is called "spiffy" - a 1920's term for smart, snazzy, nifty, chic, etc. I actually wanted "the bee's knees" or "hotsy totsy" first, but they are both taken (as is "bees knees") by people who abandoned their blogging endeavors in 2002 or 2006, one person actually never even blogged, they just stole the name so that nobody else could ever use it... you know, sometimes I wish that e-mail addresses, websites, blog names, etc. would be set free again after people abandon them instead of staying reserved for eternity. 

And.. since this consumed the better part of my day, it won't be until tomorrow that I can finally post art (am I a procrastinator, or WHAT?!) but now that my little brood of blogs are all up and running and I can finally just sit back and maintain them, whisking away the summer hours blogging and doing art. (Provided I don't get another scathingly brilliant idea and do ANOTHER blog later on. Please no!)