Eloise and Ramona drink lemonade while Emma paints

Yesterday I was at an outdoor art fair in NYC, and it was actually really chilly but there was a guy selling fresh squeezed lemonade about a block away from me. I could see it from my booth, and although I was desperately thirsty and the idea of lemonade sounded ridiculously intriguing, the sight of lemons piled up in a garbage bucket at his stand sort of put me off of the idea.. So I had Eloise and Ramona drink the lemonade instead. Of course, now that I'm home, I'm planning on making a nice refreshing pitcher of lemonade today :D

I haven't titled this one yet, but I drew it yesterday at my art show while I was daydreaming about being home painting instead of standing outside at a chilly art fair while bad music wafted through the air... At the time, I was titling it "Emma loved painting much more than selling her art at outdoor art fairs" -- but now that the show is over, I'm thinking of just calling it "Emma enjoys painting" or something like that... suggestions?