Can you do me a favor? It will only take a second!

If you saw this on Silents and Talkies, too-- sorry for the double post! :)

Vote for me on paper n stitch please!! pretty please? with sugar on top?

I am included in a curated online exhibition on Paper n Stitch this month! Even though it's juried, you still have to pay to be included and while the amount wasn't exactly hefty, it is still more than a drop in the bucket for someone with my meager artists' income (feeling sorry for me yet?) Recognizing that artists could use some help with the fee, Paper n Stitch has a heart system where people can click on the heart next to the artists' name, and vote for them. The person with the most votes gets to exhibit free for the next month, and wins a nice cash prize :D I could really, really use that free month (and the cash prize wouldn't hurt matters any!) so if you could really quickly swing by my papernstitch store, click on the heart, and then get back to whatever it is you were doing before, I'd really, really appreciate it!!

Look how simple it is: 

Please???? I'll be forever grateful :D