let me explain...

This is a gag gift for my dad for Father's Day -- I bought him tickets to see his favorite singer, Peter Murphy, in concert, and this is the card that I did to house the tickets... the caption will say that Eloise and Ramona are going to the concert- and that will be the giveaway so he knows the tickets are inside.  

His favorite singer isn't actually goth -- he used to be the lead singer in Bauhaus, which was very goth (perhaps the founders of goth) so about 90% of his audience is still Bauhaus fans, a very gothic audience. I remember being 9 years old at my first concert, terrified that I was actually standing next to a vampire!  

So, even though my dad isn't goth, Peter Murphy isn't goth anymore and the music isn't goth, me and my family always kid my dad about it-- hence the illustration.  

I just thought they looked too funny to not upload this! But uploading did require a lengthy explanation.. hope you didn't mind :)