The flappers go to the moon.

Never mind what you may hear today in the flurry over the 40th anniversary of the moon landing... the first men to walk on the moon weren't men at all. They were three fun loving flappers in the 1920's!! Yes, that's right-- Eloise, Ramona and Clarissa were the first flappers on the moon. 

Seriously, though-- I'm quite a science geek so I'm really excited about the REAL moon landing anniversary today. I'm one of those people that spends hours pondering life, existence and the grandeur of the universe. After being lost in my own thoughts for a few minutes, in the middle of the grocery store parking lot tonight I actually remarked aloud, "isn't Earth neat?" :)

Even though it's my mom's birthday, and she should pick out whatever she wants to watch, I am going to suggest that we should digest a few episodes of Cosmos with dinner tonight. Have you seen this miniseries? I am a Carl Sagan fanatic!! The graphics have been re-done for the DVD release a few years ago and I highly recommend watching it. The series is timeless and Carl Sagan will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the earth, the solar system, and human evolution.

So Happy 40th Anniversary, Moon Landing!!