For my mom.

My mom has been working part time for the last 8 years. I work from home, so I always look forward to 2pm when she comes home for the day. My dad (who also works from home) and I have lunch ready, and we all sit down together and discuss our day, the news and the cats.

That is, until tomorrow. Starting Monday my mom will be switching to full time. She won't be coming home until 5pm, and she'll be eating her lunch at work. I'm going to miss her so much, but to give her a little reminder of me every day I'll be packing her lunch and doodling on her lunchbag. I'm not going to do a new post for every lunchbag, but I will scan them and put them on the sidebar each day in case you'd like to see them :)

I have some regular flapper doodle drawings to upload, but I'm too tired tonight! So I'll upload them tomorrow afternoon. See you then!

Day 1