Flapper doodle notebooks!

About three months after purchasing a gocco printer, I finally used it today!! I've been planning some gocco projects for a long time, so it was about time I learned how the darn thing works!

My first project: gocco printed moleskine notebooks! The first design I decided to print on the books is: Ramona wears her new cloche hat... otherwise known as: "Ramona doesn't care about her health"

Up next: my makeup bags. The blanks arrived this week and I love them! They're an off-white cottony material with a stark white zipper. I think they'll look great with flappers on them!

I'm doing a custom design for the makeup bags and I'll have them finished maybe tomorrow or Monday (I hope!)

The moleskine notebooks are available in my etsy shop at $8 each -- I only printed six of them, though, and I'm not sure if that will be it for this design..

By the way, I just added a new widget to my sidebar that has my favorite etsy items! I thought it would be neat to share my favorites with you :)