I didn't have an "Eloise throws a temper tantrum" drawing to supplement this post, so I hope my little "ahh" will do...

What a frustrating day! I went out to get paper, mat board and ink today and came home with mat board and ink. I completely forgot to get paper (I guess I should start making lists...) so I have to go back out again in the morning.

I have a bulk order for mirrors that I'm working on, which I was hoping to finally finish today. Turns out that about half of my supplies were defective! I already was a week or so behind on getting them finished from when I was sick two weeks ago, and now I'll have to probably wait another week to send them out because I'll have to wait for more supplies to come in the mail (hopefully not defective this time.)

I just can't wait now to crawl into bed and forget that today ever happened. Watching mirror after mirror after mirror come out defective was just depressing. 19 out of 58 mirrors were defective! Can you believe that?!

Oh well... good night. Thanks for putting up with my venting :)