No more stationery sets... but I have something new instead!

After printing out a bunch of Christmas card sets last night, I realized how great the designs look on cards... so I've decided to do away with my letterhead stationery sets and make note card sets instead. (I still have ONE stationery set left in stock, so if you had your heart set on one just email me!) I'm really excited about these! They're a little easier for me to make, and I think they look ten times better. AND instead of the design being like one inch small at the bottom of the paper, it takes up the whole card.

So the new sets are available in my shop now, here. They include 6 cards, with one each of six designs:

- Eloise and Ramona eat Neapolitan ice cream
- Eloise and Ramona prepare for a night on the town
- Eloise and Ramona dance the Charleston
- Emma is fascinated with The Great Gatsby
- Eloise as Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face
- Eloise and Ramona ride their bicycle

It also includes 6 envelopes (duh!) and four little stickers :)