Tote bags: input needed!!

I'm doing a small test-run of hand screen-printed tote bags. I've ordered only 12 blanks to start with, to see how it goes over. Because I'm screen-printing them myself, I can't really have too many designs at first because of the work involved in making each screen.  Soo... I think I want to start off with ONE design. These are the three I'm leaning towards. Do you think one of these would be best, or do you have a different favorite that you'd like to see on a tote bag? Input please!! :D

PS. In addition to the tote bags, I'm also doing gocco printed notepads for back to school, and a small run of screen-printed makeup bags (or pencil cases if you prefer) but the makeup cases will have a custom design on them. Excited?! I sure am!!!!=