Hi! Just a little update about what I'm planning for the flappers :)

I opened a new etsy shop called Flapper Originals where I'll finally be selling my original drawings and paintings of the flappers. I've had a few tucked away in the back of my etsy shop for months, but I haven't really made it obvious that they're available and I haven't added any new drawings to the shop since May.

Fashion week has inspired me to do a little series of flappers just standing still looking great in really neat clothes. I'm doing some work on that tomorrow so hopefully I'll have them for you to see by Monday -- they're on colored paper instead of white and I might only be offering the originals. We'll see..

I sold out of the makeup bags and the moleskine notebooks this week -- I'm probably not going to make the makeup bags again, but I'm planning on doing a new series of moleskines pretty soon. Suggestions on what design I should print?

I lowered the price on the tote bags to $10 each, and I added two new sets of prints to my shop -- a FUN set which has four fun themed prints (hula hoop, skating, jump rope and hide and seek) and a WINTER set which has four winter themed prints (snow angels, snowball fight, ice skating and sledding)

Well that's about it for now. Hopefully I'll have some new drawings to post in the next few days!!