New drawing and my new shop!

I was a busy girl today!

First of all I have a new drawing, a little different from what I normally do, but I like it :)

I've been on a huge 60's kick lately, and it's definitely reflected in my new drawing. Also, I tried out some new colored paper I just purchased. I like the effect of the black on gray but it's a pain to scan!

For now I only have the original listed, but if you'd like a print I'd be glad to make one :)

I also spent what seemed like a million hours today setting up my new etsy originals shop. I took photos of my original drawings and paintings (I really need tips on photography. As hard as I tried-- natural sunlight, too!--they just didn't come out fantastic) and listed each one in the shop. I have about 20 left to do, but I think for now this is good! Here is a sampling of what's in the shop!

Eloise Ramona and Clarissa have a tea party
8" x 10" $25

I wasn't thrilled with the fashion week drawings I did yesterday so I'm going to try again... It's about time I started posting some new drawings on a more regular basis!

Oh!! And I'm going to be having a big sale pretty soon so keep your eyes peeled :)