$1 prints. No, I'm not kidding.

(The blog post in which I sound like a used car salesman....)

I am *thoroughly* convinced that no matter what kind of sale I have, nobody will take advantage of it. Okay, maybe one person will but usually when I have a sale it seems like nobody notices.

SO here is your chance to prove me wrong. I desperately want people to take advantage of one of my sales so PLEASE take advantage of this one!! I'm practically giving the prints away free, you can't lose!

From now until next Thursday (a whole week) my mini prints are $1 with the coupon code "I noticed your sale, Kate!" ONE DOLLAR!!! Buy as many prints as you like - 10 prints for $10, 40 prints for $40 whatever. You can even buy one single print for one single dollar, that's fine. Just notice I'm having this sale please!! :)

The sale is as simple as pie- just add your prints to your cart. Write "I noticed your sale, Kate!" in the message to seller and then wait for your revised paypal invoice in which all of your prints will be ONE DOLLAR each.

ONE DOLLAR!!!!!!!!

The only hitch is that if you order like 20 or more prints I might take an extra few days to put your order together, but that is it!!! Seriously, how can you pass this up?! Best sale ever!!!


ps. One dollar each!!!! Really!!!