$1 Print Sale UPDATE!! Please read!!

I want to clear up a few things really quick--

1. This sale is ONE WEEK LONG. It didn't end yet, it just started yesterday and has a whole 6 more days to go!!

2. There's no more need for a coupon code or revised invoices. I realized that etsy was charging me a 3.5% fee on my $5 sale, even though I was really selling the prints for $1 by doing revised invoices. On a $1 print that 17 cent fee is a huge chunk of change. So I went ahead and changed the prices on ALL of my mini prints to $1. All you need to do now is add them to your cart & pay. NO COUPON CODES are necessary!! Just add to cart, pay & go!

3. My UNICEF donations only apply to normal orders, not the $1 orders. I really just can't afford to donate 50 cents on each print what with theetsy fees, paypal fee and cost to make the print. HOWEVER every order that isn't part of this sale will have 50% of the money donated. So far I've raised $20.25!!


Okie dokie... so I hope that clears everything up about the sale! If you still have any questions please just ask in the comments or on twitter @kategabrielle :-D

AND.... one more thing! If you blog about the sale or tweet about the sale, I'll give you an extra free print of your choice with your order if you let me know in the message to seller at checkout. If you already placed an order, you can still tweet or blog, just let me know in the comments or on twitter :-D