Flapper Doodle Valentines

Back in December, my dad looked at me like I had three heads when I added a pack of Barbie Valentines to our grocery cart. You know, the kind that come in a box that you hand out to your classmates in Elementary school? Well, I wanted them as a reference for making my own Flapper Doodle valentines!! yay! :-)

I need to get on the ball, though.. I had this idea since November and just finished it now, only three weeks before Valentine's Day. Well, at least I didn't wait until summer! lol

I have a set in my shop of ten cards (two each of five designs) for $5, OR you can get a PDF download of the cards to print an unlimited amount at home for $8. Very handy if you need Valentines at the last minute, for some reason :) These could also make cute place settings for a Valentine's day dinner!