Last day for the sale & shipping update

Still not feeling so great, but I managed to get a bunch of orders packed today, so all orders from the 15th-16th will be shipping in the morning! yay! :-) Still working on the rest, so bear with me... getting them done as quick as my weak little body will allow *cough-cough over dramatizing cough-cough*

So anyway, today is the very last day to get $1 prints -- if you haven't seen my gazillion other posts by now, I doubt you'll notice this one but I just thought I'd throw it out there one last time! This sale was actually so successful-- and I received so many notes thanking me for making my prints affordable for people who wouldn't normally be able to buy them at $5 each-- that this will now be an annual sale, every third week in January! yay! But um, you know, you don't have to wait a year to buy things ;-D

I have some new drawings & flapper doodle items up my sleeve, plus I'm finally getting around to finishing that animation that I started almost half a year ago. Lots of goodies to come in February, so check back :-)