Big news, new drawing & a free printable!

First, the big news!! I have a website!! A REAL website! I designed it myself, and it has a fully stocked shop, with all of my prints (in three sizes!) all of my stationery and pdfs! I still have my etsy shop, and plan on keeping it forever, but from now on I'll be primarily promoting this shop when I post links to items here or advertise on other sites.

It took me days and days to finally finish, especially since each item has its own product page, but it's finally completed and I'd love it so much if you'd check it out and let me know what you think!!! http://www.flapperdoodle.com

Eloise never wins musical chairs.

I have a bunch of "poor Eloise" drawings to show you, but since I've had such a lack of new art for so long I thought I'd break it up into multiple posts. This isn't listed in my new shop yet, I'm going to post all the new drawings together at once. But it is available in my etsy shop :)


For the first time in, well, forever I've started exercising! I'm very excited about it, and I found a workout online that seems to be working well, but I hate that every time I want to do it, I have to stand in front of my computer to look at the diagrams. Soooo I drew my own copy to hang up near my television, so I can watch tv while I workout. If you're interested in having your own copy, just click on the image below for a large scale image to print or save :)