Ideas, please!

Hello! I'd like some help coming up with a good sale idea -- the $1 print sale was the best so far, but I can't really afford to give my prints away for that little again so soon, so it's just going to be a once a year thing. The thing is, all of the outdoor art shows that I do in the spring and summer require registration in March and I'm basically broke, so if I don't start selling things soon I won't be able to pay to do the shows.

So what sales do you think would be successful? BOGO? A half price sale? Actually, if I did the $1 print sale off of etsy I could afford to do that again, it's just that the etsy fees make the profit almost non-existent. What do you think? Any help is greatly appreciated! I really want to do a sale that people would take advantage of, and I don't seem to be good at coming up with successful sale ideas myself :)

ps. Thanks so much for all the kind comments about the BFF necklace set & the flapper dolls!! I'm really excited about those, and I'm planning on making some more new products this weekend! Among them: recipe cards (yay!) and a new bookplate design! I'm also planning on overhauling my blog design this weekend, too, so that should be up and ready by Monday!