new dolls and packaging for the BFF necklaces

I painted six new dolls yesterday, with the changes that I had talked about in the post about the first dolls. I used a finer paintbrush for the necklaces and facial features, and left the plain wood for the skintone instead of painting it white. I'm super happy with how they came out!

I'll be listing them in my etsy shop tonight!

I also made the packaging for my BFF necklaces today! Each necklace comes on its own card, and then the cards are sealed in a plastic sleeve before I put both necklaces in a kraft box with pink ribbon! I'm packaging the individual necklaces separately, though, since one will probably be a gift :)

I also overhauled the blog design today! What do you think? I added some links to the sidebar with all of my flapper sites (facebook, twitter, flickr, etc.) so if you didn't know they existed.. now you do!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!