hope I'm not alone in this...

Remember a few weeks ago I said that I started exercising (and had made that little flapper exercise chart to help)? Well, my favorite music is from the 20's - 60's, mostly more mellow songs that don't work well for exercising. So one day I was perusing my cd collection, and got to the back of my cd binder... you know, the place where your old favorites go to die.

I'm a child of the 90's, and I spent my pre-teen years obsessed with The Spice Girls. Me and my friends used to dress up like them and put on shows for our parents (who I'm sure were thrilled about their ten year old daughters wearing mini skirts and platform sandals..) Well needless to say, I had both of their cds and wouldn't you know, there they were sitting in my cd binder when I was looking for workout music. I know it's incredibly unfashionable to like them now -- and I feel super silly admitting it, since my tastes in music are so different from what they were in the 90's -- but I actually think I still like them. Their music has, I'm ashamed to say, been playing frequently when no crunches or squats are involved.

Do any other 90's kids out there still have this problem? Or is it just me?

Anyway, the reason I've totally embarrassed myself by telling you all this on my blog is because while I was listening to them yesterday, I started picturing them as flapper doodles. My nine year old self would have SO pinned this up on the wall. (And my 23 year old self had a ridiculously fun time drawing it!)