new gadget, custom totes and originals

I've been itching to get a Dymo label maker for a while now, but when I saw this one in Giant Dwarf's flickr stream in January I knew that I had to get one with a cursive font disc. I finally found one on etsy a couple weeks ago, and I've been having so much fun with it ever since!! New gadgets definitely help me get - and stay - organized! What's your favorite organization gadget?

Also, I'm going to start offering custom tote bags for sale! The only hitch is that they won't be screen-printed (unless I think the design you choose will work really well for me to sell in my shop normally), they will be heat-transfers. When I heat-transfer, I die-cut the image so there's none of that shiny plastic stuff leftover on the fabric, so it looks just like a silkscreened image. They'll be $15 each, and I should be listing them later today!

And (drum roll) I'm finally going to be offering some of my original drawings and paintings for sale. The only hitch is that I'm going to offer ONE a week on ebay. The starting bid will only be about $10-$15, so if it's a drawing that isn't exactly popular, you can probably snag it for the price of an 8x10 print! (Heck, you can probably get ALL of them around that price, since I'm not anticipating any bidding wars.)

I'll be listing the first one on Friday, and it will last one week. Every Friday I'll list a new original in my ebay shop. Any suggestions on which one you'd like to see up on the auction block first?