sneak peak at my new project!

Yup, Flapper Doodle dolls!!! I seriously cannot contain my excitement about these.

Now, this is just my trial doll - I just wanted to put something together really quick and then decide what changes I'd make for the final dolls. For the new dolls, the body will be white, and then I'm going to have a dress attached over top, instead of painting her middle section black. I think her head needs to be a teeny bit smaller, and I need to get better at sewing in a circle so her head isn't lumpy.. otherwise I'm really happy with how this came out! And her features are screen printed on, another example of my new massive screen printing skills ;-)

I really couldn't have made a doll if I didn't have a lot of help... My dad owns a small music t-shirt mail order business so he donated some old shirts for my fabric. My mom helped me figure out how to assemble the doll (I swear, I'd be nowhere without my mom. She solves every single problem that my incompetence prevents me from solving myself) and Casey taught me how to flip the thin little limbs inside out once I'd sewn them!

Once I figure out what I'm going to make the dress out of, I should have these ready to sell! I'm hoping I'll have the first doll finished sometime next week.

Now I'm having little dreams about young girls telling their moms that they can't go to sleep unless they have an Eloise or Ramona tucked in bed with them :)