Don't forget!

Only two more days left of my anniversary promotion! A free mystery gift bag worth anywhere from $10-$100 included with every order! No minimum purchase necessary. GO SHOP :D

I did a few more products this week, but my brother has commandeered my camera and I've been unable to take product photos.... he's "borrowing" (I call it stealing, but anyway..) it again tomorrow, so I'll probably have them up on Sunday at the earliest. Here's a hint for one of them: it has something to do with writing letters. Curious? pop back over Sunday! :)

And in case you missed it earlier this week, I started a Flapper Doodle Mailing list AND added a boat-load of new products to my shop, including laptop decals, framed prints, recipe cards, cosmetic bags and new BFF necklaces. Click here to see all of my anniversary posts from last Sunday!