New products and artwork!

I finally got my camera back today so I was able to take some photos of my new products! I have a few things in this post, but I also have one REALLY exciting project that deserves a post all to itself, and that will go up a little later today :)

First, flapper pill cases! It comes with a removable pill-divider insert and has a small compact mirror inside.

...and flapper photo albums! Each one holds 24 4"x6" photographs. It features an illustration of Ramona taking a photo on the front, and on the back there is a snapshot of Eloise and Ramona vacationing in Paris.

And the new artwork designed for the album is also available as a print! -

Everything is up now in my etsy shop! Also, I am FINALLY updating my off-etsy shop this week to include all of my new products, and my prints in larger sizes. I must have drank too much grapefruit juice or something (if such a thing is possible..) because the ideas just keep rolling through my brain, and I can't seem to stop. I have even MORE products planned for this week!! I ordered some new supplies that just came in the mail yesterday, so hopefully I'll have the new stuff finished and photographed by the end of the week!