Mirrors, buttons and pendants, oh my!

I made a set of buttons out of my photo booth strip drawing! I'm so smitten with this idea, especially the way that I packaged it, with the buttons sitting on a photo booth strip! :D Available in my shop HERE.

The pendants got one more (and hopefully the last) revamp ... my jewelry supplier discontinued yet another one of my pendant blanks, so I finally switched suppliers (this was the third time she discontinued the one thing I ordered from her, so I figured with my luck the next one I ordered would get discontinued too, lol) and ordered these new ones! I liked my last ones a tiny bit better, but I love these too! I'm ordering like 500 of them so that I don't have to go through this again anytime soon, haha! :) They're available in the shop here -> Eloise and Ramona // Zelda and Becky

I also added four new pocket mirror designs to the shop!! I persist in trying to sell pocket mirrors even though they've never been a big seller for me. But I really think the flapper drawings work well on mirrors, so I'm giving it another go! Maybe one of these designs will finally take off :) They're available in the shop HERE.

Finally, I added personalized bridesmaid pocket mirrors to my shop! They're perfect if you're ordering the matching cards, or they're great on their own as cute little wedding favors! They even have the wedding information -- bride + groom, and wedding date -- inscribed on the side! Available in my shop HERE.

Oh, and I'm busy finishing up my 2012 calendar! I posted a sneak peek on my personal blog last week, if you're interested! It's inspired by Edward Gorey, and I'm super happy with how it's coming along!! Hopefully I'll get to share the finished product by the end of the week. :)