Sweater clips & new BFF pendants

I'm so excited about this new item! I had it in my head for a while, and thanks to some help from my mom, who is a wizard at tinkering with little jewelry pieces, it's a reality :) They're sweater clips to keep your cardigan closed, and the chain forms the telephone link between the two flappers! They're available in my shop here.

Also I have new BFF pendants in the shop. It seems like I've been having trouble finding the right pendant supplies/jewelry supplier for over a year now, but I think I finally did it! I love these so much. They're just perfect... very sturdy, and I love the bronze color. I only have 3 sets in stock right now, then they'll be on 2 week backorder while I wait for the next supply shipment (I ordered a TON of them so hopefully they'll never be out of stock again :) They're available here!