Mother's Day Cards!

I call my mom "Mommie" with an "ie", my brother calls her "Mommy" with a "y" and she calls her own mom "mom". Some people call their mothers "ma" or "mum". Since there are so many different names for a mom, I hate it when greeting cards do something like this: "Mom, you're the best" or "Mother, with all of my love on Mother's Day", etc. I immediately rule those out since I don't call my mom "Mom" or "Mother", and don't really think it would be cool to cross out the name on the card and write "Mommie" over it.

Anyway, because of this strange pet peeve of mine, I decided that my inside greeting wouldn't use any colloquialism for Mother. Instead, I just wrote "you're the bee's knees." Simple and sweet, and, at least in my own mom's case, very true. :)

Speaking of my mom, she's helping me work on the Eloise doll ALL day tomorrow so hopefully I'll be putting these in the shop soon!!!