One year ago today I opened shop on etsy! I really can't believe that it's only been a year... Eloise and Ramona have become such a huge part of my life that I feel as if I've been drawing them a lot longer than 12 months.

When I uploaded the very first flapper doodle to flickr last year, of a then-unnamed flapper duo (with strange helmet-shaped hair) riding a two seated bicycle, I never could have imagined how far those two would travel in one year.

When I was four years old I wanted desperately to be an "artist". At the time, this meant that I wanted to be just like Picasso or Dali, or a different artist in one of my kid's art books. Over the years this morphed into a more realistic (but still idealistic) desire to make a decent living creating. The whole artist mystique probably disappeared around the same time that I realized it was much easier to paint and draw lying in bed on my stomach in pjs than standing in a smock in front of a wooden easel, delicately balancing a palette in my left hand.

Until Flapper Doodle, I thought that even this adapted dream might be a little too far-fetched. Creating isn't hard, but getting other people to like or want what you create certainly is. But thanks to your support of Eloise and Ramona, this dream has become a reality. Because of you, my career now is doing what I love!

The amount of gratitude I have in my heart is too large for me to put into words. I am so indebted to the people who have commented on my blog, purchased my art and goodies, sent me encouraging words on twitter or facebook, blogged about my art or simply subscribed to my blog - a silent, but very meaningful form of support. If Flapper Doodle is a success today, it is all due to you, not me.

Please check back throughout the day for tons of updates. I have a few new products that I'll be listing throughout the day (including -- FINALLY -- the new cosmetic bags!! yay!), a week-long celebratory promotion (if you want a sneak peak, you can go over to my etsy store and check out my shop announcement!) and a very special birthday surprise that I made for Eloise and Ramona!

Thank you again for your enormous support, and I'm looking forward to another wonderful year! :D