BFF keychain sets!

As usual, I'm really excited about my newest product! I always feel kind of silly saying that, but it's true!! I get giddy when I finish something new :D I'm especially excited about these because it provides an alternative for people who love my BFF necklace sets but wouldn't necessarily wear them, or need a more grown-up option for them and their best friend. I know it's late, but I think these would also be really cute Mother's Day presents for moms who don't live nearby and rely on the telephone for daily check-ins :)

Available in my shop now, $12 per set.

I'm also re-vamping the necklaces, they're going to be placed in a metal setting instead of mounted on wood. I didn't get to take pictures yet and I won't be home tomorrow (day trip to NYC! yay!) so hopefully I'll get that posted on Thursday :)