Win $50 store credit and a 2012 calendar!

This week I'm giving away $50 in store credit and a 2012 calendar as part of Elsie's Beautiful Giveaway on A Beautiful Mess (and if that's not enough to get you to scoot over to her blog to enter, there's also like five other prizes that you'd win with mine, so hop to it!) ;-D

Of course, if you'd like to just buy the calendar instead, it's in my shop here!

Also, yesterday I finally updated the Flapper Doodle "About" page (it's had "coming soon" for about two years now) and I took this little self portrait to go with it! I've had the idea in my head forever, and I love how it came out! It's silly of me since Flapper Doodle doesn't really get any press, but I've always wanted a professional looking photo JUST IN CASE ;)