road trip!

I'm currently on a three-week long road trip, the first leg of a much longer journey that will start at the beginning of August and take me across the US!

And Flapper Doodle is coming along on the ride!! I turned the trunk of my car into a mobile workstation, complete with everything I need to make, pack and ship orders on the go. My normal turnaround times still apply, nothing will change except that the postmark on my packages won't be New Jersey ;)

Every time that I'm in a different state I'll post an update so that you know where my packages are currently being mailed from. I'm also planning on doing a new drawing for each state I visit! Right now I'm working on the New Jersey one and should have that one up first :)

If you're interested in anything in the shop, all orders of $10+ qualify for a 15% off discount while I'm on the road! Just use code ROADTRIP at checkout. Also if you'd like a postcard from me while I'm on my trip just let me know in the message at checkout and I'll drop one in the mail from a surprise state! :D