Polaroid Flapper and new framed drawings

Eloise taking a polaroid of Ramona

Eloise and Ramona play hide and seek

Emma is fascinated with the Great Gatsby

Eloise and Ramona on the seesaw

Eloise & Ramona prepare for a night on the town

Eloise, reclining

That's it for the framed flappers for now-- I have the show tomorrow and judging by how my last few shows have gone, I'm planning on bringing all of these back home with me -- in which case I'll list them in my flapper originals shop next week.

This will be my last show for a while, so I'll have lots of time to do new drawings and new projects! I've ordered more gocco supplies to do more makeup bags and moleskine notebooks, too.

Oh! And I wish I had a professional proofreader or something -- I just realized yesterday that ALL of my Christmas Card sets say "inludes 11 cards" instead of "includes 11 cards" on the packaging! Ugh..